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My name is Hiro and I am extremely handsome. I love to get a head massage and cuddle with everyone I meet. I am feeling much better after a foot injury and would like to find a forever home. Do you like my blue eyes? Come and meet me at PACS for a snuggle!
Hi! I'm Dozer :)
I am a very happy puppy and my tail is always wagging. I am blind but very good at finding my way around. All I need is a safe home away from busy roads with someone who can accept me for who I am. I am just like any other dog, except perhaps a little more loving. Come and meet me, you'll be surprised how able I am despite not being able to see. I look forward to meeting you at PACS.
I am known as Grim because my condition was so bad when I arrived at PACS. I was very thin and looked just like skin and bones. Now I am healthy and ready for a home. I tried life on the streets again after I was discharged from PACS but I am finding it very tough.
I have been at PACS since I was a puppy 7 years ago. I have never known what it is like to have a family or live outside of the clinic. They call me Squealer because of the excited noises I make when I see a person I like. I am friendly with everyone, love walks and really want to see what life is like when you have a home of your own. Can I live with you?
I am Paris and I am totally healthy. I have been for a long time and all the volunteers love me to bits. I love them too but I would really like to live with a family and not at a clinic. I love walks, being stroked and getting treats. I can't live on the streets now as I have forgotten how to find food and love there. Can I come home with you?
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Can you give a cat or dog a forever home? Phangan Animal Care is a nursing clinic and as such, we are not able to shelter healthy animals on an ongoing basis.


Furthermore, it’s not the best environment for any animal to stay long-term, just as you wouldn’t want to live in a hospital once you are well again, neither do the animals in our care! What they crave is love, stability and a chance at life off the streets.


Whether you are looking for a cat or a dog, PACS has the perfect pet for you. There’s no love like the love you will get from a rescue animal. It’s as though these animals know and appreciate the second chance their forever home has given them, a life away from hunger, away from fighting for territory, food and shelter. A life away from producing endless litters and the high health risks and hardships of a stray.










To adopt an animal, contact PACS at info@pacthailand.org





PACS volunteers and staff are fully committed to taking care of sick and injured stray animals of the island and cannot, unfortunately, commit to the responsibility of taking care of the animal or the process of sending it abroad. PACS is not a shelter and cannot offer boarding facilities. We can, however, offer the following contacts who can help and advise:


FACEBOOK:  Koh Phangan Animal Lovers 

Emailadoption@lantaanimalwelfare.com, info@smuidog.org (Brigitte)

Dr Yothin (Recommended veterinarian): +66899098171

Dr Yothi