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YOU CAN HELP! PACS' ongoing spay project needs you

January 1, 2016


As you probably know by now, a big part of what PACS does is to work on managing Koh Phangan’s stray population. Puppies are adorable and we are all animal lovers here, but it's clear that there are just too many animals being born as strays on the island. Some stray females barely get a break from rearing puppies and are on a constant breeding cycle. The puppies themselves don't have great prospects either, fighting for territory and survival on the streets, the beaches and on temple grounds, only the toughest survive.


To help combat this issue, we have devised an ongoing programme with the support of practicing veterinarian Dr Yothin of Phangan Pet Care Clinic and it’s going very well. With Dr Yothin’s help, we are de-sexing up to 10 female dogs per week. These 10 appointments are always booked but sometimes people have booked a stray in for a spay and not brought the dog as promised and not called to let anyone know. This is a shame as this donated time and energy is precious.


Dr Yothin oversees the spays and gives his time for free while his staff conduct the procedures. PACS provides the medicines and materials to Dr Yothin (these cost us 1,000 per spay) plus 500 baht to Dr Yothin’s supporting staff.The spays take place at Dr Yothin’s practice in Thongsala on Tuesdays and Fridays.


How you can help:


We are always looking for female breeding dogs so that we can make use of these time slots. If you know of any stray females in your area, please contact us to book in and discuss capture and transportation. We do ask that if you have scheduled a spay and promised to deliver or capture the animal and fail to keep the appointment, it will not be rebooked or rearranged. We can’t afford to let these time slots go to waste so reliability is key and we have to be a little strict.


If you know you cannot capture or deliver the animal, please do contact us anyway, we have a system that we use for identifying animals for spay on our rounds and can give you a colour coded tag to place on the dog. This way, we have a chance of finding her on our rounds.



(also available on Viber, Line and WhatsApp)


Please note, this service is for stray animals only.



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