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Maya's story: The little orphan with the big heart

May 26, 2016



Maya arrived at PACS in June 2015. She was born as a temple stray to a Momma who passed away. This is the story of how Maya went from being a small and weak temple orphan to a much-loved and slightly pampered pet.


One of the monks at Maya's temple had been keeping an eye on the little family and he stepped in to take care of the puppies as best he could after their mother died. He tried hand-feeding the litter of three pups and although they were eating and drinking, they were still getting weak. Concerned for their safety, he brought them to PACS to check if they were unwell.


At PACS they were de-wormed, given a flea treatment and given a careful check over. Because they were under 6 weeks old and quite delicate, it was decided that they should be admitted. If pups are able to eat for themselves and in a healthy condition, they are not admitted to PACS as the risk of infection in young puppies and kittens is high. In this case, the risks of not being admitted were considered greater and so they were placed in the care of the volunteers and nursing team.


One by one, the pups started to get stronger. Without worms taking away their precious nutrients and with a team of people handling feeds, the puppies reached a point at which it would be best to move on from the clinic. The puppies were very cute and luckily, they had lots of interest from loving homes. However, not all of the puppies were taken. The two little boys found homes and the little girl was left behind.


Time went by and the PACS team continued to post about Maya on Facebook. I had seen every one of the posts about the puppies and was trying to avoid getting hooked. We had been thinking of getting a doggy companion for our first dog, Ollie. He was full of energy, very playful and we were now out of the house for longer periods of the day than when we first got him. However, what we were planning was to take was an older dog with a good temperament that needed a second chance.


But those Facebook posts kept coming, and Maya looked so sad, small and vulnerable in the pictures. The thought of her being stuck at a hospital without her littermates and with nowhere to go was just too much for us so eventually we went to meet her. The idea was ‘just to see if Ollie likes her’.


Of course, for us, it was love at first sight and Ollie seemed interested too. We took her home on a trial basis to check that Ollie would be gentle with this tiny precious baby.


To be honest, at first he was a little rough, not knowing quite what a puppy is, 'is it a toy?' Soon enough, Ollie learned how to play gently with Maya and decided that having a puppy as a friend was a fantastic idea. He could show off how fast and clever he was, play tug of war (and always win) and teach Maya everything he knew about how to be an awesome dog.


He also taught her how to look nonchalant when being questioned on crimes against cushions:


Maya is now approaching her first birthday and looks nothing like we expected her to look. She is fluffy, pretty and appears to be quite the princess but she is also an adventurous dog who loves nothing more than to jump into muddy puddles, run in the jungle or swim in the sea. She also LOVES to be loved. She likes to be close to her humans and you simply cannot walk past her without her showing her tummy and demanding it gets some attention. She is somehow a little more nervous than our other dogs (yes, we have more than just Ollie and Maya already!) and we are not sure why. It takes her a little longer to trust new visitors and is terrified of fireworks and thunder. However, once she gets to know you (or you bribe her with a treat) she will reward your kindness with kisses, tail wags, head bobbing and smiles.



We simply can’t imagine life without Maya now. Despite not wanting to adopt more dogs, I have to say, I have not regretted a single one. Each of our dogs is totally unique but also a part of a bigger team. Our furry family members might keep our floors dirty and our wallets empty but they also enrich our lives, fill our hearts and make us smile every day. If you are considering getting a pet, please do contact PACS. There you will find some of the most vulnerable animals that really need a forever home. There are many, just like Maya, who were too young to learn street survival skills and wouldn’t cope as a stray. There are others who need ongoing medical care that could be provided at home rather than in a hospital environment. Then there are the abandoned pets, perhaps the saddest cases of all, who once knew what it was like to have security and love, only to have it all taken from them for no reason.




Interested in adopting a dog in need? 


Visit PACS between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday to meet your new best friend or contact us by email: info@pacsthailand.com regarding overseas adoption.

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