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The story of Pai Mei, the one-eyed puppy

June 13, 2016


Pai Mei (pronounced Pie May) is our third dog. Before I came to Thailand, I had never even owned a dog! Always dubbed a crazy cat lady, I had shared my home with cats since I was a small girl. 


Ollie was my first dog, a little boy who was born to a friend’s dog by surprise (he was under the impression she had been fixed already). Next came Maya, you can read about her here. That was it. ‘Two dogs, that is more than enough,’ I said resolutely.


In fact, those were my exact words about five minutes before we decided to adopt Pai Mei, although the idea had been brewing for over a week. Pai Mei was a PACS patient who had been following Ian around ever since she arrived. She was born at the recycling center in Chaloklum. In fact, it sounds a little worse than it is because the land owners there keep an eye on the strays that live there. Unfortunately, this has meant people have started to dump unwanted dogs and puppies there as they see it as a place they will be taken care of. This is hardly fair on the family and an awful way to treat any animal. Pai Mei had been spotted with her eye in an awful state.


PACS does not currently have its own full time vet – that’s something we are trying to raise funds for –so PACS too her to a private vet and the treatment was paid for, her infected eye was removed and stitched the wound was stitched. She was back at PACS for her post-surgery care when she started to melt our hearts. She was incredibly brave and she loved everyone despite her rough start in life. She was tough, vivacious and very playful. There was just something about her that got into our very souls so that each day we would get home and couldn’t stop thinking of her.


It was Christmas Eve when she climbed on my lap and nibbled my ear. I was sat on the step, ready to go home for the day and proclaiming that I had quite enough pets already. She was clearly letting me know that I was incorrect. She gets on brilliantly with my other two dogs, the missing eye has never stopped her from doing anything and she is perhaps the lowest maintenance pet we have. Even the cats are more demanding. She has some skin problems and she finds it hard to gain weight despite her huge appetite and we do worry about her, but nowhere near as much as we would if we had taken her back to her original territory. She is an important member of the tribe, she is very gentle with any foster pups we bring home and she does the most adorable head tilt when you call her name. Life wouldn’t be complete without our one-eyed hero.


Oh, the name? She is named after a character in the movie Kill Bill, the Kung Fu master that plucks out the eyes of his opponents… well we think it’s cool!


If you are considering getting a pet, please do visit PACS. There is nothing like the love and loyalty you get from a rescue pet and you might just be saving a life in the process. We are open from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday for visits and you can reach us on email: info@pacsthailand.com

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